Switch Between Companies

Learn how to navigate Crossbeam when you have access to multiple company accounts.

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For some users, just one Crossbeam company isn't enough. If you're an investor, consultant, serial entrepreneur, or just someone with their hands in a lot of cookie jars, Crossbeam can support your use case.

When a user is granted access to multiple company accounts, they can choose between the active company by clicking the Company Icon on the left-side Navigation Menu. Clicking on it will display the company options. The account you are actively working in will be highlighted and display a check mark next to it. Select a new company to change accounts.

screenshot in Crossbeam displaying the company Logo to change accounts

Note that you are only ever accessing Crossbeam from the perspective of one company at a time. Just because you have access to multiple companies does not automatically combine or otherwise break down the data barrier between those companies. When you switch companies, you switch contexts entirely and your status with other companies has no bearing on what you can access or view.

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