How to Request a Data Source
Vote for a custom data source that isn't already supported by Crossbeam.
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On the Navigation menu, click on the Data icon and expand the side panel and select Data Sources.

There are three sections on the Data Sources workspace:

  • Data Sources

  • Add a Data Source

  • Request a Data Source

Data Sources

The Data Sources section shows you which data sources you currently have connected in Crossbeam.

screenshot of Data Sources section in Crossbeam

Add a Data Source

Scroll down the page to locate the Add a Data Source section. Here you will see other supported Data Sources available for you to immediately connect your data to Crossbeam.

screenshot add a data source section in Crossbeam

Request a Data Source

You can also Request a Data Source on this page. Vote for a Data Source to help our product team prioritize what to build next. Simply click the plus sign Upvote next to the Data Source of your choice.

screenshot of request a data source section in Crossbeam
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