Now that you know what population visibility is, we'll go over how to manage it. Population visibility can be managed at the population level, or at the partner level. 

Population Level

At the population level, you are controlling which partners your population is visible to. You can do this from the edit population page. 

From the main populations page, click the name of the population, then click "Edit Population" in the top right. More on how to edit populations here

Once in edit mode, click "Edit Population Visibility" in the top right. 

Select the partners you want your population to be visible to. You have the option to "Select All" or "Select None" as well.

These changes are automatically saved, so clicking "Cancel" instead of "Update Population" will not lose your changes. You can click either to return to the population detail page.

You are also prompted to set population visibility when you create a population, more on that in Building a Population.

Partner Level

At the partner level, you are controlling which populations are visible to a particular partner. 

To do this, go to the Partners page and select a Partner. Click "Edit Population Visibility" in the top menu:

Select the populations that you would like visible to your partner.

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