Crossbeam's approach to data sharing is all about trust, transparency, and control.

By default, no raw data is ever shared between two companies when a partnership is established. Instead, these companies can use their partner detail page to view high-level overlap statistics about how their data sets intersect. 

If one or both parties is interested in sharing data as part of their partnership, the process for doing so involves creating data sharing rules that provide extremely granular controls on how and when data is shared.

Each data sharing rule dictates:

  • The "Who": Any given data sharing rule is scoped to your relationship with a specific partner, and they can be fully customized on a partner-by-partner basis.
  • The "When": Every data sharing rule is associated with a specific overlap between a population of yours and a population of your partner's. For example, you may choose to have a rule only apply when a company that exists in your "Customers" population overlaps with your partner's "Customers" population.
  • The "What": Each data sharing rule can be individually configured to reveal only the data points that are relevant and appropriate. For example, some companies may choose to only share the information about which account rep owns the overlapping account at their company, while others may share more detailed information.

You can get started with data sharing by creating a data sharing rule or or requesting a data share from your partner.

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