Would you rather watch a video about how to create a data sharing rule? Check out our data sharing video tutorial here.

Data sharing rules are your key to sharing your data with partners. They give you complete control of what to share, when and with whom. You can create data shares from two different places:

  1. The Partner Detail Page
  2. The Sharing page

In both locations, you click the " + Share Your Data" button from the top menu:

The 3 step modal will walk you through creating your data share. 

Creating a Data Share

1. When to Share Data

Select the population you will be sharing your data from. You can only do this from one of your populations at a time right now. 

Select the partner and one or more partner populations you would like to share the data with. Note that we tell you if there is an incoming data sharing rule for your partner's population to your selected population, allowing you to create reciprocal data sharing rules. 

Note: if you select multiple partner populations, multiple data sharing rules (one per partner population) will be created and appear individually on the Data Sharing page

2. What Data to Share
All of your available fields for the given population are available for you to share with your partners. None of these fields are shared by default. You have complete control over the level of granularity for your data share. Click on a top level row to collapse or expand it, then select the checkboxes of the fields you want to share with your partners.

3. Confirm Sharing Rule
Confirm your data sharing rule is set up properly. Make sure to check your population name, your partner's population names, and the specific fields you selected. Click "Confirm and Create Data Sharing Rule" to create the data sharing rule. 

Your partner will be notified via email that you have shared data with them. The fields are now immediately viewable by your selected partner when an overlap occurs between the selected populations.

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