There are a number of good reasons why you might want to push Crossbeam data back into Salesforce. Many of the outputs from Crossbeam can be useful to sellers, account managers, and other members of your team who may not have access to Crossbeam. Or you may just find it more convenient to access these insights directly in your CRM environment. 

In any case, we've got you covered. Crossbeam offers a Salesforce app that can write data back into custom objects in your Salesforce instance. The screenshot below shows this in use:

Configuring this Salesforce App requires a few steps:

  • Create custom objects and fields. You must create a custom object in your Salesforce instance that contains the the specific fields to which Crossbeam will be writing data. Typically this object is attached to Accounts.
  • Mapping. You must define the exact mapping of fields from Crossbeam to the fields in your custom object. As shown in the screenshot above, the most common use case is mapping contact information of partner sales reps for Account Mapping purposes.
  • Authorization. An authorized Salesforce user must click to authorize Crossbeam to write to these custom fields. Even if you have already authorized Crossbeam to extract data from Salesforce, this will be a separate authorization process.

Because this feature requires some custom configuration work, it is only available to enterprise customers. Please contact to request access and begin the configuration process.

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