When you add a new partner on Crossbeam, no raw data is shared. The only thing visible to the partner is the names of your populations and how many overlaps exist between your populations and theirs. In most cases, this is totally fine.

However, in some instances, you may wish to hide the existence of a population from a particular partner entirely, preventing them knowing that the population exists at all. This is where Population Visibility comes into play.

Using Population Visibility, you can decide to hide specific populations on a partner-by-partner basis. When you do so, as far as your partner is concerned, those populations are not a part of your account.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to use population visibility to hide a population:

  •  If you created a specific population for a special project with one partner, you may prefer not to show that population to other partners, either for the sake of secrecy or reducing confusion. 
  • If you are partnered with two competitors and want to segment which leads you share with which party, you can create special populations for each and hide the ones not relevant to either party.

Click here to learn how to set population visibility in your account.

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