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Once you've joined Crossbeam, you can upload a CSV list of your partners and partner with Crossbeam Network (very inception-y, we know). You'll be able to use the overlap features of the platform to show which of your partners are already here, and we can help you onboard the rest.  Here's how:

1. Prepare a CSV list of your partners.

This can include many different columns, but must include the Company Name and the URL of each partner. Once created, be sure to save in .CSV format.

2. Upload to Crossbeam.

Head to the "Data sources" section to upload your CSV list of partners! You can always find this page by clicking on your avatar in the upper right hand corner and selecting "Data Sources" from the drop down menu.

Scroll down and select CSV Upload. Select your CSV file of current partners, name the file so you can easily identify it (for example, "Current Partners"), select "Companies" as the data type, and map columns accordingly.

Once uploaded, you'll Create a Population. Simply name the population, i.e. Current Partners, fill in a brief description, select CSV Upload as your data source, select the correct file, and click "Continue".

You'll be prompted to filter this population- because this CSV only contains your current partner data there's nothing to do here but click "Save Population"!

When you save your population, you will be asked to set a sharing default. Be sure to select "Hidden". This will allow you to utilize the list only with Crossbeam Network (we'll cover that in the next step).

3. Partner with Crossbeam.

Partnering with Crossbeam is easy: just click this link. A member of our Customer Success team will complete the connection as soon as possible, or follow up with more information if needed.

4. Set Sharing Settings

Once you are partnered with Crossbeam Network, you will adjust your sharing settings from "Hidden" to "Overlap Counts" at the partner level. Simply select Crossbeam Network from your list of partners, navigate to "Sharing Settings" and click the pencil on your Current Partners population.

Don't forget to hit "Customize" in order to change the sharing settings!

Hit "Save" and we're good to go!

4. View the overlaps.

After a few moments, you'll be able to view the overlaps of your partners that are already on Crossbeam. You can save and export this list by Creating a Report. Select "Current Partners" from your populations, compared to Crossbeam Networks "Companies on Crossbeam" population, and ta-da!

Now that you know who's on Crossbeam, be sure to invite them to partner with you on the Partners page. Anyone missing? Send over your invite link to get them started!

Happy Crossbeam-ing!

*Note: if for any reason you would prefer to not be discoverable by your partners in a search like this, just let us know and we'll exclude your company from our shared populations.

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