Once you've joined Crossbeam, you can upload a CSV list of your partners and partner with Crossbeam (on Crossbeam...we know, insert some Inception joke here 🙄). Then, you'll be able to use the overlap features of the platform to show which of your partners are already here, and we can help you onboard the rest.  Here's how:

1. Prepare a list of your partners.

This can include many different columns, but must include the company name and the URL of each partner. Once created, be sure to save in .CSV format.

2. Upload to Crossbeam.

Head to the "Integrations" section of the Crossbeam dashboard, located in the dropdown in the upper right menu. Then, select the CSV Upload option from the Add a Data Source section. Give this new population a name (for example, "Current Partners"), click Choose File and select your partner list, and then select the columns that represent the partner name and their website from the dropdowns.

Once uploaded, wait until your file has been fully processed (this can take up to 30 minutes at times, but often less).

3. Partner with Crossbeam.

Partnering with Crossbeam is easy: just click this link.

After confirming you'd like to send us a partnership invite, a member of our Customer Success team will review the request and complete the connection as soon as possible, or follow up with more information if needed.

4. Share your Partner list.

Once a member of the Crossbeam team accepts your partner invite (you'll get an email with the subject "You are now partnered with Crossbeam on Crossbeam!"), go to the Data Sharing section of the dashboard. In the upper right, select + Share Your Data, and share data from your partner list with Crossbeam similar to as shown below.

On step 2, you can choose what specific columns of your data set to share, but it must at least include the company name. Click Next, then review your Share, and click Confirm and Create Data Sharing Rule.

5. View high level overlap.

After a few moments, even on a free account, you'll be able to view the high level number of your partners that are already on Crossbeam (you won't be able to view specifics without a paid account or starting a free trial) — in the Partners section of the dashboard, simply click on Crossbeam.

And there you have it! From here, a member of the Crossbeam team will reach out with more specifics to help you connect with your partners already here, and provide support to get your other partners onboard.

*Note: if for any reason you would prefer to not be discoverable by your partners in a search like this, just let us know and we'll exclude your company from our shared populations.

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