When you register for Crossbeam, you are automatically dropped into the free tier. This plan comes with the restriction that you can't view any data that is shared with you by your partners. You are only able to view high level overlap numbers, but not the specifics of any of the overlapping Accounts/Leads.

Once your partner shares data with you and you want to view it, you can kick off your free trial. 

You can view and manage your billing tier on your billing page.

Starting a Trial

You can start the free 30-day trial (no credit card required) yourself right from the app in one of two places: 

1. In the header bar of the app on the right side there is a link that says "Start Free Trial"

2. In an empty state on the Reports page

Trial Status

Once your trial has started, you will see the status of your trial in the nav bar with how many days you have left in your trial:

Once your trial has expired, the status will reflect as such in the header and empty state:

Upgrading Your Account

At any point during your trial, you can start a conversation with us to upgrade your account. 

Clicking "Upgrade" in the nav or clicking "Contact Sales" in the empty state once your trial has expired will both pop up our chat window to start a conversation with our team about upgrading your account. 

You can start a conversation with us at any time about upgrading by clicking the chat button in the bottom right of the app:

Alternatively, you can send us an email at sales@crossbeam.com at any time to discuss upgrading your account. 

Don't forget to check out our different available tiers on our pricing page.

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