After connecting a data source, the population tab become clickable. This is where you will create standard Populations for your Prospects, Open Opportunities and Customers, to make account mapping with your partners easy.

You have the options to Create a New Population by clicking the "Create" button within any of your Standard Populations or Create a Custom Population by clicking the "Create Population" button.

Changing Standard Populations

If you would like to change which population is marked as a standard, you can do so by converting the standard population to a custom population.

Select the three dots next to edit within the population, choose "convert to custom", Rename population and click convert population

Next, you can either create a new standard population or you can select a custom one to convert to standard.

If you are sharing data from a standard population with your partners, they will see these populations listed first in reports. This makes it easy for your partners to identify these three common populations to use in account mapping.

Converting Custom Populations to Standard Populations

If you have Custom Populations that you would like to use as one of the three standard populations, you can convert the population. Do this by clicking the three dots next to edit and click "convert to standard", choose the appropriate standard population and select "convert population". This population will be renamed and converted to a standard population. The name change will be reflected in all reports and allow your partners to see that it is labeled as one of your standard Populations.

Check out this video to walk through the steps:

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