Record Detail Page: Activity Timeline

Capture, organize, and analyze all of your ecosystem activity associated with a Company or Person in your data in one historical view.

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The Timeline tab on the Record Detail page gives you a historical view of all the activity associated with that Company or Person in your data.

How to Access the Activity Timeline

There are multiple ways you can access the Activity Timeline from the Dashboard. One way is by selecting a specific Record under the "Overlap Activity" section of the Dashboard to view the Record's Detail page. Then, click the Timeline tab.

Or you can hop into an active Thread and see your timeline from there.

You can also access a Record by searching for it in the Universal Search tool and selecting the Record you'd like to navigate to.

Note: Any user with View, Participate, or Manage permissions on Threads will be able to see Threads Activity on the timeline.

Timeline Filters

On the right of your timeline, you can choose what data you would like to see at-a-glance. Simply select or unselect your partners to filter out the related activities.

You can also filter by the types of activity. For example, use filters to see how accounts have changed owners.

Threads Activity

Strengthen partner feedback loops by capturing all of your Threads Activity on the timeline. View messages with partners related to one particular record, so you can:

  • Illuminate gaps and areas of opportunity. See a running history of the partner conversations that occur throughout the lifecycle of an account.

  • Drive co-selling momentum by picking up conversations right where you left off. Filter Threads Activity on the timeline by partner or the type of activity.

  • Keep partners accountable with a consolidated view of conversations. Encourage a steady flow of partner activity by capturing touch points across co-selling stages.

Watch this video to see Threads Activity in action, or keep reading to learn more.

The types of activity displayed on the timeline include: change owner, closed thread, created thread, re-opened thread, & reply to thread.

Use filters to see messages with one partner or to see different types of Threads activity. Filter by:

  • Partner data to see messages with a specific partner

  • Types of Activity:

    • Thread

    • Change owner

    • Closed Thread

    • Created Thread

    • Re-opened Thread

    • Reply to Thread

    • Private Note

Quick Filters
You can also use Quick Filters on the timeline. Click Quick Filter to see messages with only that partner. Click View Partner to navigate to the partner's page.

In this example, if we click Quick Filter, only messages with our partner Holver will appear. If we click View Partner, we will navigate to Holver's Partner page.


  • What roles and permissions are required to see Threads in a Timeline?
    Anyone who has Manage, Participate, or View access can see Threads Activity on the timeline. Both the Admin and Partner Manager roles have the "Manage" permission for threads, so they can see all Thread Activity in the timeline.

  • If a Thread is deleted, will it show up in the timeline? If a message in a thread is deleted, it will not show up on the timeline.

  • Can I create or respond to Threads directly from the timeline?
    No, you cannot. However, you can either click into the individual thread to reply to a message, or you can click the "New Thread" button on the top right of the Record Detail page to start a new conversation with a partner.

  • If I close a Thread, will it show up on the timeline? Yes.

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