What does the "Matched" timestamp mean in Crossbeam?

Additional information on adding the "Matched" column to reports in Crossbeam.

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When you compare your data to partner data in a report, you have access to add additional columns to include data shared by your partner in addition to your own data. By using the Configure Columns button, Crossbeam can also include a column for "Matched." This field is populated if you are dynamically updating your populations with a CRM connection.

Adding the "Matched" column to your report provides a timestamp of when the record became overlapping outside of Crossbeam. This column displays the time the match happened in your respective CRMs, not within our system.

For example- say you add an account to your CRM on January 1, and your partner adds the same company to their system on January 10. The "match" happens on January 10. If you and your partner connected on Crossbeam on January 20th and are viewing your overlaps in a report, our system will say the records matched "10 days ago."

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