View Your Non-Overlapping Accounts

Source new leads for your partner by identifying which accounts you have that they don't — right in Crossbeam.

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*This is an advanced reporting feature offered in our Connector Tier. If you are on a free plan (Explorer) and would like to use this feature, simply visit your billing page and upgrade.

View your non-overlapping accounts with a partner in Crossbeam so you can:

  • Be a lead engine for your partners. Identify new leads for your partners to target in their demand generation campaigns.

  • Provide lead intelligence by adding account data to your reports, like region, tier, health score, industry, employee count, revenue, and more.

  • Expand market share together. Help partners break into new regions and territories where you already have a warm footprint – while also growing your own business.

How to Get Started

  • Navigate to Reports and click the "Create Report" button

    This is where you will create a report to see which of your accounts do not overlap with a partner.

  • Set your report to Does Not Overlap. Optional: You can name your report or wait until later. (Remember, you must name your report in order to save it).

  • Select which of your populations to include in the Report. You can add multiple populations (of your own) to a report.

  • Select a partner and their populations to include in the Report. Click Run Report.
    ✋Note: You can only view non-overlapping accounts with a single partner at a time. However, you can add multiple populations for that partner.

  • Add your data to the report by configuring columns.
    ✋Note: In the Configure Columns modal, you cannot add Partner Data to the report given these are not accounts in the Partner’s CRM.

    Layer on more intelligence about these leads by adding your own data to the report. This way you can identify the right partner to share these leads with based on how well the accounts align with their ideal customer profile. Configure columns to include information on your accounts, like:

    • account region

    • tier

    • health score

    • industry

    • employee count

    • revenue

    • and more

  • Sort your report by record name. Or, add filters to your data to further refine the results of your report. You can filter by account region, prospecting stage, industry, and more.

  • Once you’re done creating your report, hit "Save & Run". To receive a CSV export to your email, click the Export button on the top right of your report.

    💡Pro tip: Open your report data in a Google Sheet so you can add notes to give your partner additional context about an account. Then share it with your partner in Slack or via email so you can start collaborating on next steps.


  • I want to share the Non-Overlapping report with my partner? How can I do that?
    To share the report, you can export it and send directly to your partner. Soon you’ll be able to send the report directly from Crossbeam without having to export.

  • Can I view Non-Overlapping accounts with multiple partners at a time?
    Currently, you are only able to view non-overlapping reports on a per-partner basis.

  • Can I see non-overlaps in a report regardless of what data source I’ve connected?

  • Can I subscribe to report notifications for a non-overlaps report?

    No, not at the moment.

  • Can I create a Thread from this report.

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