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Company Verification

What to expect with our company verification process when joining Crossbeam.

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The trust in your partners is core to our business. Companies need a secure and compliant way to ensure when you partner with your ecosystem; your data and your partner’s data is secure. From day one, we have prioritized the security of your data to ensure Trust is the primary focus.

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Visit the Security Portal here to gain access to the most recent and sensitive security details at Crossbeam.

We take a few additional steps when anyone creates an account so that we can keep our customers confident in the validity of companies they're partnering with on Crossbeam. 

What is Company Verification?

Crossbeam performs an automated verification process to ensure that people who register belong to the company they claim. This is so we're confident we're providing a secure environment for you to trust who you're partnering with on Crossbeam. 

How do we perform Company Verification?

We perform automated verification using a multi-step process that incorporates the information you provided when registering and some third party data.

What does this mean for me as a Crossbeam user? 

Ideally, you never know this even happened. If you pass automatic verification, the process is instant and invisible during registration. If you do not pass auto-verification, your account will be put into a queue to be manually verified by a Crossbeam team member. You will be blocked from using the Crossbeam app until we verify you belong to the company you are registering for. 


While this system helps us keep our network in check, you are still responsible for only accepting partnerships with known partners and verifying their legitimacy before sharing data or other information.

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