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Crossbeam for Sales

Just a click away and integrated within Crossbeam Core, Crossbeam for Sales is the most efficient way to accelerate deals with partner introductions.

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Getting Started

Just the basics. This collection of articles contains info on the Crossbeam platform and how to navigate our user interface.

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Data Privacy and Security

Trust is a core value of Crossbeam. This section details our work to ensure that the Crossbeam platform is secure and meets your compliance standards.

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Data Sources and Populations

Learn how to get your data into Crossbeam and organize it into Populations for comparing and sharing with partners.

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Partners and Data Sharing

Learn how to connect with your partners and share data on Crossbeam.

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Account Mapping with Reports

Now comes the fun part. Find out where your data overlaps with partners, drill down into the results, create reports, and stay up to date on changes.

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Collaborate with Partners

Use Shared Lists to collaborate with partners on overlapping companies and people.

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Integrations and API

Getting Crossbeam data in other tools has never been easier.

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Crossbeam Matching Engine

Learn more about the Crossbeam matching algorithm

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Account Management

From passwords to avatars to managing team members, these are the nuts and bolts of account management.

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The answers to some common questions about Crossbeam. If we've heard it more than once, chances are we put the answer here!

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Video Tutorials

Prefer to learn by watching? Here are some quick video tutorials to help you with the most popular features and use cases in Crossbeam.

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