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Advanced Account Mapping Partner Tag Reports
Advanced Account Mapping Partner Tag Reports

Build multi-partner reports from your Partner tag categories.

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✍️ Note

Partner Tag Reports are available on the Connector plan and Supernode plan. To upgrade your account, visit the Plan & Billing page.


You must have Partner Tags created to build Partner Tag Reports.

Recommend Partner Tags:

  • Partner Type - Segment technology, agency, referral, reseller, solution, platform, and strategic partners

  • Tier - Prioritize co-marketing and co-selling motions with your top tier partners

  • Partner Account Manager - View partners assigned to you or other partner managers on your team

  • Geographic Region - Identify local, regional, or global partners

  • Lifecycle Stage - Keep track of partners' progression through lifecycle stages so you can signal to your internal teams when partners are "Go-To-Market Ready"

  • Partner Status - Identify active vs inactive partners so you know where to focus your time and resources

  • Specialization - Organize partners by their specialization (e.g. software development, media, PR, e-commerce, Video Production, Web Design)

Prefer an interactive tour? Click through Partner Tag Reports at your own pace here.

Create a Report

From the left-side Navigation Menu, click on the Mapping icon. This will open the side panel for Account Mapping, select Create a Report from the panel options, and your workspace will display the Account Mapping area. Click the Create Report button or click the Partner Tag tile.

screenshot of Partner tag tile for account mapping  in crossbeam

On the Create Report modal, complete the following:

  1. Select your Population(s) you want to include in the Report

  2. Select Partner Population(s) Tags from the dropdown options and select the Partners' Population(s) you want to include in the Report

  3. Click Create Report

gif in Crossbeam showing steps to create partner tag report

Configure Report

After you create a Report, you can add filters, configure and sort columns, and export reports.

How to Add Filters to the Report

Once you have created your Report, you may further segment and refine your report specific to your pipeline needs with filters.

On the Report table, you can:

  • Click the Add Filters button to open the Filter options pop-up window

    • Select New Filter Objects for both your company and your partner company by clicking on the company name

    • Filter Groups by using the comparison operators: is, is not, is empty, is not empty, contains, does not contain

      • This step is optional but allots you a more granular approach with your data

How to use Sorting

Within the Report, each column header allows you to organize the records in alphabetical order by clicking on the Sort arrow within the column or clicking the horizontal lines to select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending. Sorting allows you to:

  • See which partners have the highest degree of influence on your accounts

  • Prioritize your ripest accounts for co-selling with partners

  • Rally your partners to craft a joint solution and pitch your “better together” story

  • Avoid partner conflict by identifying accounts that have competing partners attached to them

How to Configure Columns

To configure columns, locate and click on the +Configure Columns button on the right side of the Report. This will open the Configure Columns modal.

In the modal:

  • Under Select Columns, expand the dropdown menu and click next to the options for Crossbeam Columns, Your Data, and/or Partner Data for the report

  • Rearrange the Columns on the right side by dragging them into a new order or click the X to delete a column

  • Click Save and return to the updated Report

gif in Crossbeam showing steps to configure columns in reports

After configuring the Report, be sure to click the Export button or Save Report button.

✍️ Note

On the Connector plan Report exports are limited to a max amount of 1000 rows. The Supernode plan has unlimited Report row exports. To upgrade your account, visit the Plan & Billing page.

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