Gong Inbound Integration

Sync Partner Mentions from Gong Calls to boost attribution clarity in your Crossbeam account.

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Utilize this integration to configure your Gong account to automatically send Partner Mentions to your Crossbeam account. This will create an irrefutable source of truth for why you made Attribution decisions, confirming that your Partners genuinely play a key role in the successful closure of Open Opportunities in your favor.

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Set up the Gong Integration


You must be a Gong Admin to complete the following steps. Learn more by visiting the Gong Help Center here.

You must also have an Admin role in Crossbeam Core to set up the Gong integration.

✍️ Note

Gong Inbound Integration is only available on the Connector Plan and Supernode Plan. To upgrade your account, visit the Plan & Billing page.

From the Integration workspace in Crossbeam, scroll down the page to the Available Integrations section. Locate the Gong tile and click Install.

Next, a pop-up window will guide you through the installation process.

Complete the following steps:

  • Confirm your Crossbeam account

  • Authenticate your Gong Account

  • Choose Partners from the dropdown options

    • Prioritize the most important Partners to look for in recorded calls

screenshot of selecting the partners for Gong transcripts

In the next window, you will be setting the Similarity Cutoff. The Similarity Cutoff uses AI models to give you the ability to adjust the sensitivity level for detecting Partner Mentions.

The Similarity Cutoff default is set at 90 to reduce the chances of false positives (incorrect matches). If you discover your Partner Mentions are not being captured accurately, revisit the Set your Similarity Cutoff settings and lower the value for better results. Configuration settings can be located in Crossbeam on the Integrations page.

screenshot of Set your Similarity Cutoff settings

Click Finish to finalize the integration set up.

😎 Pro Tip

If your Partners have unique company names like "Hooli," we recommend setting up Gong Keyword Trackers. With these additional configuration options, you can fine-tune Gong's ability to identify and catch Partner Mentions effectively.

Once the Gong integration set up is finished, Crossbeam will start to sync 30 days of historical Partner Mentions, as well as continuously monitor every call transcript for future Partner Mentions!

Manage Gong Integration

Open the Integration workspace in Crossbeam, and scroll down the page to the Installed Integrations section.

  • Locate the Gong row, click the configure button to open a pop-up window

  • In the pop-up window, click through the current configuration and make any changes

  • When you see the list of selected Partners, add or remove Partners as needed

  • Click Finish to save any changes

Activity Timeline

The Activity Timeline is located on the Individual Record Page. To find this in Crossbeam:

  • Utilize the search bar at the top of Crossbeam

  • Search for one of the Partners selected in the initial integration setup

  • Click on the Partner name to open the Individual Record Page

  • Select Timeline from the side panel

screenshot of timeline

On the Activity Timeline, you will see which Partner was mentioned, an external link to the Gong call, along with the date and time of the activity.

Click on Gong Call β†— and an external link to Gong will open.

screenshot of activity timeline with external link to gong call

In this workspace, you also have the flexibility to choose which Partner data and types of Activity Data are displayed on the timeline. Select or deselect the boxes located on the right side of this workspace to make these changes.

screenshot of filters for activity timeline

On the Supernode plan, you will see this same timeline on the Attribution page.

With the Salesforce Attribution Push installed, every Attributed Opportunity comes with a distinct Gong link. This link leads you back to the specific Attributed Opportunity, with the context embedded, putting the context for your attribution decisions right at your fingertips.

screenshot in crossbeam of activity timeline on the attribution page

To upgrade your account, visit the Plan & Billing page.

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