Data shares can be edited from 2 places: 

  1. The Data Sharing page
  2. The Partner Detail page, under the "Shared with Partner" (where Partner is your partner's name) tab

Click "Edit" next to the data share you want to modify, and you'll be presented with the same modal you used to create the data sharing rule. 

You are automatically dropped into Step 2: What Data to Share so you can edit the fields involved in the data share. 

To modify anything in Step 1, hit "Back". You cannot modify your population the data share is created from. If you'd like to change this, you'll need to create a new data sharing rule. Similarly, if you want to remove the share for a partner population, you must delete the entire data share. 

You can modify the fields you are sharing with your partner in Step 2, then click "Next" to confirm the changes.

Click "Confirm and Update Data Sharing Rule" to finish editing your data sharing rule. 

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