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Data Sharing Requests from Partners
Data Sharing Requests from Partners

Share the data you and your partner need to collaborate by fulfilling a data share request from your partner.

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Sharing the right data with your partners is critical to effective collaboration within Crossbeam.

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Data Sharing Request from Partners

To locate Data Sharing Requests, click the Activity Icon on the menu. Scroll to find Data Share Requests in the list of notifications.

Click the Configure Sharing button or the Reject button.

screenshot in Crossbeam showing where to find pending data sharing requests

The Configure Sharing button will open the Partner Detail Page. On this page, adjust Sharing Settings:

  • Locate the Population from the request

  • Click the edit pencil under Sharing Defaults for the Population

In the pop-up, choose from the three Sharing Data options:

  • Hidden: Partner cannot see this Population

  • Overlap Counts: Partner can see a summary of overlaps for this Population. No specifics about the overlaps, including name or any other data, is shared.

  • Sharing Data: Partner can see the data shared with them for all overlaps with this Population

    • with this sharing option, select or deselect the boxes next to the fields you would like to share in the event of an overlap within this Population

Click Save when done.

These settings allow you to share as much, or as little, data with your partners as you'd like.

Email Notifications

In addition to the in-app notification, you will receive an email notifying you of data requests:

  • From the email, click Go to Sharing Settings, this will open the Partner Detail Page in Crossbeam

Screenshot of email notification for data sharing request
  • On the Partner Detail Page, Sharing Settings will be displayed

    • Locate the Population from the request

    • Click the edit pencil under Sharing Defaults to adjust the Sharing Data settings

The Partner will be notified in-app and via email after you save the new data sharing rule.

Manage Data Sharing Request Notifications

Data Sharing Notifications can be managed by clicking on Settings from the menu, and select Profile & Preferences from the side panel. Scroll down to the Notifications section. Under Data Notifications, you will see multiple categories with the option to customize individual notification options. Select or deselect the email or in-app notifications for each option.

screenshot in Crossbeam showing where how to manage data notifications

Scroll down the page and click Save when done.

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