is a website built and maintained by Crossbeam. It publishes a free listing of partnerships that exist between B2B companies.

The data that powers Partnerbase has been collected, both manually and programmatically, by Crossbeam and its team. The partners Crossbeam adds to Partnerbase are gathered through two sources:

  • Our research team finding public evidence of a partnership, usually through a partner page or announcement

  • Another Partnerbase user adding the partnership

Crossbeam categorizes partnerships between tech and channel generally using the following criteria:

  • Tech = an integration

  • Channel = everything else

In both cases, Crossbeam knows that’s the information is not going to be 100% perfect from our research team, although it is generally accurate. If a customer has any issues with the data from their company profile, they can change it by logging into their Partnerbase account or creating a free account at

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