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What is Partnerbase?
What is Partnerbase?

Partnerbase is a free, crowdsourced database with over 90,000 companies, 300,000 Partnerships, and the largest source of ecosystem data.

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Partnerbase is a website database built by Crossbeam and maintained by the public. It publishes a free listing of partnerships that exist between B2B companies.

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How does it work?

The data that powers Partnerbase has been collected, both manually and programmatically, by Crossbeam and the public. The partners added to Partnerbase are gathered through two sources:

  • our research team finds public evidence of a partnership, usually through a partner page or announcement

  • a Partnerbase user added the partnership

    • Anyone with a free, verified Partnerbase account can add partnerships

Partnerships are categorized between tech and channel, generally using the following criteria:

  • Tech = an integration

  • Channel = everything else

In both cases, we know the information is not going to be 100% perfect, although it is generally accurate.

Explore Partnerbase

You can start finding partners in your industry, uncover opportunities, and more, by searching for a company in Partnerbase.

Click Browse at the top of the page and scroll through the 90,000 plus companies in the database.

To apply filter(s) to the search results, simply explore the dropdown boxes to customize your search.

View, Edit, and Delete Partnerships

Select a company from the Partner List in the search results or from a Company page. Click the dropdown arrow at the end of a company row. This will display a summary of the partner ecosystem including the amount of overlaps, the number of companies in each ecosystem, and the largest companies in both ecosystems.

Click the Edit Partnership button to change the type of Partnership, the date the partnership was established, and the source link used to identify the partnership. You can remove the partnership by clicking the Delete Partnership button.

✍️ Note

You must be logged in with a verified, non-personal email in order to edit, add, or delete partnerships.

Click the View Partnership button to explore more details of the shared partnerships in a 1:1 comparison.

Create Lists

To share or save lists of partners, log in to Partnerbase to access My Lists.

With My Lists, you can:

  • create and save lists

  • export up to 500 records for additional analysis

  • create custom tags visible only to you for additional filtering and tracking

  • receive notifications as new companies enter your saved lists

When you log in to Partnerbase you can receive real-time notifications in-app and occasional emails updating you on companies from your saved lists.

Manage your Company Profile

Log in with your work email to manage your company's Partnerbase profile.

On the Partnerbase homepage, search for your company (or create it if it does not exist). On the company profile, you can click on the edit pencil icons next to General Info and Partnership Info to make changes. You can also click the Add Partnership button to update your ecosystem. Click on the Show Overlapping Accounts button will take you to a Company's partner invite link if they are discoverable on Crossbeam. Learn more about discoverability on Crossbeam here.

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