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How Discoverability Works in Crossbeam
How Discoverability Works in Crossbeam

Manage your visibility in Crossbeam.

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Manage how to you want to engage with your network by turning visibility on or off within Crossbeam.

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Discoverability by Company and Users

Once your organization is set to discoverable, you are now allowing companies to see and connect with you.

To turn Discoverability on or off:

  1. Click Settings in the left navigation bar.

  2. In the Settings table, you can toggle the two following discoverability buttons on or off:

    • Discoverable: toggle on to allow other companies to send you partnership requests.

    • Make Users Discoverable: toggle on to allow users with Manage Partnership Permissions to receive partnership requests directly. Companies will see a list of users associated with your organization and send invites directly to the associated contact.

  3. Click on Save Changes

Universal Search

Universal Search is located at the top of the Crossbeam dashboard. Here you can search for existing and suggested partners, populations, and records.

You will also see an option in the search results to click on Invite Partner to easily start connecting with partners.

Sending Invitations

By turning on the Discoverable feature, you will be able to receive inbound partner invitations from your existing network and potential new partners.

Invites can be sent from the Partners page or from the Universal Search results.

😎 Pro Tip

Easily manage your invitations within the Partnership Requests section on the Partners page. If you don't see anything here, no sweat - that just means your inbox is empty.

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