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Crossbeam Support

Crossbeam's online resources and Customer Success team are here to make your experience delightful.

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If you need support or have questions about using Crossbeam, we have several tools to get you on the right path to building your long-term ecosystem growth.

Crossbeam Academy

To access the Crossbeam Academy, login to your Crossbeam account and click on your Avatar in the upper right corner. Select Crossbeam Academy from the options and you will be redirected to a new page.

In the Academy, you will find a variety of helpful courses to guide you through Crossbeam. You can select Course Catalog from the top menu and browse the free courses available. You can also click Get Crossbeam Certified and become a Crossbeam expert.

Help Center

Explore the Help Center here for access to over a hundred help articles to answer all your questions and more. Links to the Help Center can also be found:

  • In your Crossbeam account by clicking the Avatar and selecting the Help Center option

  • Crossbeam Academy

Customer Success Team

You can reach our to the customer success team via email or through the chat icon located at the bottom right of the page.

Our standard support availability on weekdays is 9am to 6pm Eastern Time.

Product Release Portal

Crossbeam maintains a public portal where we share our current releases and upcoming features. Customers can also share product ideas and feedback directly with our team.

Crossbeam Releases Portal can be found here.

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