If you have one (or more) partners who aren't ready to join Crossbeam themselves, but you still want to be able to compare your data with theirs, you can make a "sub-account" that will allow you to upload all your other partner files and compare to your own data.

This sub-account will technically be a new company on Crossbeam — but you'll be able to access it using the same account you already have as an existing Crossbeam user.

Create the sub-account.

  1. Make sure you're logged into your Crossbeam account.

  2. While logged in, go to app.crossbeam.com/register

  3. Use the following naming convention to create your sub-account — Company Name: <YOUR_COMPANY> - Partners, Company URL: www.<YOUR_URL>-partners.com (any URL, even one that isn't real, will work - just don't use any of your partners' real URLs though!). Be sure to toggle off the Discoverable feature - the sub account is meant to work only with your main account. For example, Dunder Mifflin's partner account would look like this:

Partner with yourself.

  1. From your new sub-account, invite your real account to partner up.

2. Using the profile icon in the top right corner, switch to your main account.

3. Head to the Partners section of your account and accept the pending partner invite.

4. When accepting, be sure to make your sharing setting 'Overlap counts' so matching can take place.

Load Your Partner Data

  1. Now, toggle back to your sub-account, and go to Data Sources to upload CSV files for each of your partners. Each file will create its own population, so you can upload a separate file (or multiple files) for each individual partner. Be sure to clearly define the partner and type of data, i.e. "Partner 1 Customers" or "Partner 2 Target Accounts."

2. You'll be prompted to create a population right after the file upload. Name the population in the top left, then 'Create Population' in the bottom right.

3. You'll be taken directly to set up your Sharing Settings. You'll select "Sharing data", and check all the fields from your CSV file. This will share the sub-account data with your main Crossbeam account.

Compare your partner data with your own data.

  1. Switch back to your main account and head to the Reports section. Now you can compare your data with all of the partner information you just loaded in your sub-account!

2. Moving forward, you'll only need to upload new files and share them, rather than creating whole new accounts.

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