Sharing defaults control how, by default, your population will be shared with all of your partners.

As we read in our intro to Data Sharing, sharing starts at the population level with Sharing Defaults.

When you navigate to your population page (or when creating a new population), you'll be introduced to sharing defaults.

Sharing Defaults

There are 3 Sharing Defaults:

  1. Hidden

  2. Overlap Counts

  3. Sharing Data


Your partners cannot see this population.

Overlap Counts

Your partners can see a summary count of overlaps for this population. No specifics about the overlaps, including name or any other data, is shared.

For example:

Sharing Data

Your partners can see the fields you select for all overlaps with this population.

For example:

Where to set your Sharing Default

You can set you sharing default for your populations in two places:

The Populations Page

Click on the ... next to a population and select Change sharing default.

Population Detail Page

After clicking on the name of a population, the sharing default and a button that says Change will be on the top right. Select Change .

Creating a New Population

When you create a new population and click Create Population, you will be presented with the modal to set your sharing default for your new population.

Setting or Changing your Sharing Default

Setting or changing your sharing default all happen within the sharing modal.


Overlap counts

Sharing Data

Find out how to customize your population sharing defaults for specific partners in Sharing Settings for Partners.

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