Creating Threads

Open a thread to collaborate with your partners on a specific overlapping company or person.

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Create a Thread

You can create a thread from three different places:

1. A specific person or company record

2. A list of records in a Report

3. The Dashboard activity feed

When you create a new thread, you'll have a couple quick things to do:

1. Choose the owner on your partner's side for the thread

2. Choose the type of thread 

Thread Types

Thread types will be used in the future for analytics around reciprocity of partnerships and attribution. 

1. Request
You are requesting information or an introduction from your partner.
2. Assist
You have information or an introduction that you think could help your partner.
3. Discussion

You aren't either explicitly requesting or offering information, but you want to explore if there is potential to collaborate. Or, you just want to chat.

Bulk Create Threads

Working on a set of accounts with a partner and want to open multiple threads at once? No problem. You can do this from a report by clicking the checkbox next to the records in the list.

Note: you can only create threads with a single partner at once, so all selected companies/people must share a common partner. Companies/people that don't share a common partner with your selected threads will be disabled and not available for selection.

To bulk create threads, you'll need to tell us a few things up front:

1. The owner on the partner's side for the threads. We currently only support setting one owner for all selected companies/people.2. Thread type
3. A first post. We currently only support one first post for all selected companies/people. 


What if my partner is sharing data with me so I can see an overlapping account, but I'm not sharing data with them so they can't see the same overlapping account... can I create a thread with them for the account that they can't see? 

Yes! You can. You can think of it as a one-off data share of just the account name. They will be able to see the account that the thread is created for, but they won't be able to see any other information you have about that account unless you change your sharing defaults or sharing settings.

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