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Send Accounts from a Shared List to the Account Owner in Crossbeam for Sales
Send Accounts from a Shared List to the Account Owner in Crossbeam for Sales

Send account records from Shared List to your Sales team.

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With this feature, users can select specific accounts from a Shared List to send directly to your Sales team.

✍️ Note

This feature is only available on the Connector or Supernode plan. To upgrade your account, visit the Plan & Billing page.

The Explorer plan is limited to Invite Only functionality. A partner on the Connector plan or Supernode plan can send an Invite to an Explore plan partner to initiate Shared List collaboration.

To upgrade your account, visit the Plan & Billing page.


To access this feature, users must have a Co-Seller Seat in Crossbeam for Sales to access Shared Lists and utilize the Send to Sales feature.

For more information on User Roles and Permissions, click here.

Need detailed steps on how to create and configure Shared Lists?

Click on this article link, for all the information on Shared Lists.

How to Send Accounts from your Shared List to your Sales Team

Click on the Collab icon, select All Shared Lists from the side panel. From the Collaborate workspace, locate and click on the Shared List you want to send to the Account Owner in Crossbeam for Sales.

To Send account records from a Shared List:

  • Locate the account record name(s) under the Name column

  • Check the Box to the left of the account name(s) record you wish to send

  • Click the Send button, then select Send to Account Owner

  • In the pop-up modal, enter or select the account owner name from the dropdown options, then click the Send Records button

gif of how to send account records from a shared list


  • Send an individual record by clicking on the arrow next to the account name, then select Send to Account Owner

additional steps for sending account record to sales edge

Crossbeam will confirm that records have been sent with an in-app notification.

In the Shared List, the Sales column will now display the date the record was sent and the Account Owner name.

  • Hover over a cell in this column to see Account Owner Name and the date the record was sent

  • Click on the cell link, and be redirected to the account record in Crossbeam for Sales.

highlighted column reflecting who the accounts were sent to in Crossbeam for Sales

How do Shared Lists Work for your Sales Team?

Once the account records are sent to the Sales team, click on Lists from the navigation bar in Crossbeam for Sales.

  • Locate the List with the account records sent from the Shared List.

  • Click the List to open it.

From here, click on any of the account records to access co-selling templates and initiate a conversation with your partner.

Edit or Delete Lists

While in the open List, you can also edit or delete account records by clicking on the three dots in the right corner.


Users will be notified when Shared Lists records have been sent to the Account Owner via email, Slack, and Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce.

Click the links within the notifications to be redirected to the List in Crossbeam for Sales.

Email Notification:

screenshot of email notifications

Slack Notification:

screenshot of slack notifications

Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce Notification:

To view notifications about Shared Lists in the Crossbeam Copilot for Salesforce, click on the Feed tab in the Copilot. Click on the activity to see account details, and start the conversation by clicking on Get Intel.

✍️ Note

You will not receive notifications if you send account records to yourself.

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