Snowflake Integration

Get your partner overlap and partner AE/rep info back into Snowflake.

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Our Snowflake integration allows Crossbeam to push partner overlap data back into Snowflake. Create custom dashboards, run analytics, and augment your CRM data with partner overlap data from Crossbeam.

Looking for our article about using Snowflake as a data source for Crossbeam? You can find it here.

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Initial Record Exports will contribute to the overall Record Export Limits.

Prior to initiating Record Exports, it's crucial to assess and potentially reduce the number of Populations, as having too many Populations can quickly surpass the record Export Limits.

Crossbeam data metering will cap your Record Exports at 100% of the data limit based on the account plan.

Enabling Snowflake Push

On the Integrations page, and you'll see a tile for Snowflake and a toggle along the bottom to Enable pushing data back into Snowflake.

✍️ Note

If you don't see an option to enable the Snowflake push, you may not have it included in your plan. Contact your CSM, sales rep, or for help.

When Snowflake push is enabled, all Population overlaps (across all partners) will be pushed to your Snowflake account via a secure Data Share in Snowflake.


Before enabling the push, you must set up your Snowflake integration. Go to your integrations page and click Set Up next to Snowflake.

We'll need two things:

1. Your Snowflake account region. Currently, we support four regions:

  • US West (Oregon): this region is the only one not included in snowflake URLs

  • US East (Ohio)

  • US East (N. Virginia)

  • EU West (Ireland)

Please let us know if your account is in a different region, and we can work to add support for you.

2. Your Snowflake account name. Account name can be found in the url of your Snowflake instance: https://<account_name>.<region>

Next, flip on the toggle for Enable pushing data into Snowflake.

You're all set! Now, you will receive an incoming data share in Snowflake.

Data Spec

You will receive an incoming data share in Snowflake called CROSSBEAM_OVERLAPS_<ORG-ID>_<RAND-IDENTIFIER>

When the data share is mounted, you will see a CROSSBEAM schema with an OVERLAPS view, defined below:



Data Type




The CRM ID of the account/lead



One of account or lead



The name of your population



The partner organization name



The name of the partner's population



The partner's AE name



The partner's AE email



The partner's AE phone



The max creation timestamp of yours and your partner's record

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