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Sharing Dashboard

View and manage your sharing settings across all your partners.

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The Sharing Dashboard is the best way to review your sharing settings for all partners in one convenient location, including what your partners are sharing with you.

Need a review on sharing data? Click here to learn more!

Click the Partners icon from the menu and select Sharing Dashboard from the side panel to open the Sharing Dashboard workspace.

Your Population Default Setting

In Your Population Default Settings section are your Standard Populations and Custom Populations. Use the arrows to rotate through the Populations.

Each Population overview includes:

  • Type of Population

  • The number of Partners the default setting is being applied to

  • Current sharing setting option: Sharing, Counts, or Hidden

    • If Sharing Data is the default setting, hover over the sharing fields to see a list of fields being shared

To make changes to a Population, click the pencil icon to open the Sharing Default modal. There are three Sharing Setting options to choose from in the pop-up modal. These settings allow you to share as much, or as little, data with your partners as you'd like and can be adjusted as needed at any time.

  • Sharing Data: your partner can see the data shared with them for all overlaps, and the option to share non-overlapping accounts is available

    • Click the Opt-in box under Share Greenfield Accounts to share non-overlapping accounts with partners

    • Next, there are two options for fields:

      • Click the Plus(+) in the Recommend fields section to select the Crossbeam Recommended fields


      • Click the arrow in the Customize Fields section to customize fields, and you can also include the Crossbeam Recommended fields as part of the customization

  • Counts: your partners will see a summary count of overlaps for this Population. No specific data, including names, is shared with your partner

  • Hidden: hidden is the setting where your partners will not be able to see the Population

gif in crossbeam showing population default ca

Click Save when done.

Sharing Setting with Partners

In the Sharing Settings with Partners section, each partner is listed with the Population sharing settings. In this section, adjust the list of partner view by using the following filters:

  • Click All to see All Partners, click Using Default to see Partners who are defaulting to the Population settings, and click Using Custom to see custom Population settings

  • Use the Search bar to search for a specific partner

  • Click on Populations to filter the list by your Populations

  • Click on Sharing Settings to filter the list by Sharing data, Counts, or Hidden

  • Select Overrides to see Populations with or without Overrides

Next, click the arrow next to the partner name to expand.

screenshot in crossbeam of where to click to expand the partner populations

Under the partner name, you will see each Population, the sharing setting, and if you have customized the Population for that partner.

Scroll further down to see what Populations the partner is sharing with you. If they are sharing data, you can hover over the Sharing fields to see a list of fields being shared. If Data is not being shared, click Request Data to send a request.

Click on the word Edit to adjust the Sharing Settings for Partners on the Partner Detail Page.

โœ๏ธ Note

There will be no information displayed under the partners' Population if your partner is missing a Population or not sharing data, there will be no information displayed under the partners' Population. Crossbeam will prompt you to contact the partner and request that they share their data or complete their Population setup.

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