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Reporting Incorrect Matches
Reporting Incorrect Matches

Help our matching engine get smarter by reporting any incorrect matches.

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The Crossbeam matching engine uses artificial intelligence to deliver the industry's most accurate account matches. It continuously improves its results through user feedback loops and third-party data validation -- bridging data gaps to surface overlaps across first and second-party datasets.

But nobody's perfect! While our matching algorithm is incredibly accurate, things like dirty data in your or your partner's CRM may lead to an incorrect match.

Reporting Incorrect Matches

The good news is that you can report incorrect matches to Crossbeam in two quick steps!

1. When viewing an Account, you'll see a button on the right that says Report an Incorrect Match:

2. Clicking this will prompt you to give us some data to help determine why the match is incorrect:

Viewing Reported Matches

If you or your partner has reported a match as incorrect, you will see an indication of the report in the partner section of the Account page:

This is currently the only place to view Incorrect Match Reports.

What Happens Next?

Your report is used as an input to our matching engine, which will learn from any mistakes and improve matching based on your reports.


When does Crossbeam let me know that a match was removed?

Crossbeam does not respond to Incorrect Match Reports. They are used to train our matching engine, and are not treated as individual support requests. If you have an issue with a match that requires immediate resolution, please reach out to your customer support manager or email us at

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