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Get notified about new overlaps in a Report via email or Slack

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To access Report Notifications you will need a Connector or Supernode plan. To upgrade your account visit the Plan & Billing page.

Subscribe to notifications on a specific report to receive targeted as-it-happens updates on overlaps that occur within the report. 

You can get notified via email or have your updates post and mention Account Owners in a Slack channel of your choosing once you install our Slack App

What can I do with it? 

  • Subscribe your AEs to reports that are specific to their overlaps to keep them in the loop of any new partner overlaps for the leads or accounts they own. 

  • Keep up to date on any new overlaps for any of your reports so you don't have to check Crossbeam constantly for new overlaps. 

  • Get notified where you already work — in Slack — when a new overlap happens with a partner. 

  • Give your whole team visibility into any new overlaps by having them post in a public Slack channel

  • Set up notifications to directly mention your reps in Slack Connect channels so they're kept up to speed on new opportunities for real-time collaboration. 

Keep in mind: these notifications are visible to everyone in a slack channel, so never set up a notification for a report that includes a specific partner in a shared channel that has a different partner than the one specified in the report. 

How do I use it?

Hop into one of your reports and you'll see a notification bell icon next to the title of your report. Note: A report must be saved in order to set up notifications.

Click on the notification bell icon and you have two options:

  1.  Enter the email address of anyone (even non-Crossbeam users) that you want to receive the overlap results via email. You can enter as many as you'd like. 

2. Select a Slack channel you'd like notifications to go to. You can select:

  • Public channels

  • Private channels

  • Slack Connect public channels

  • Slack Connect private channels

You can only select private channels (both regular and Slack Connect) that the Crossbeam app has been invited to. To invite the Crossbeam app to a channel, type /invite and select "Add apps to this channel" and select Crossbeam.

To mention your sales reps in report notifications for public or private Slack channels, make sure:

  • You're syncing the “Account Owner Name” and “Account Owner Email” fields from your CRM Data Source.

  • You're mapping the "Account Owner Email" column in Crossbeam from your CSV or Google Sheet Data Source

  • “Account Owner Name” and “Account Owner Email” are configured as columns in your report


  • If the Account Owner isn't in the Slack or Slack Connect channel, they won't get alerted — but they'll still get mentioned so other members in the channel can easily add them.

  • If you include the Account Owner name in your reports and populations, but not the Account Owner Email, the notification will just display the Account Owner’s name.

Slack Connect

We recommend double checking that you are not sending notifications to a Slack Connect channel for a Report that has overlaps with partners that are not also in that Slack Connect channel.

We will notify you if you try and send notifications to a Slack Connect channel...

  • ...where we don't know who the other organization is

  • ...that contains a partner that does not exist in the report

  • ...that contains multiple organizations

💡 If you haven't connected Slack, click the "Connect to Slack" button that will be in place of the channel dropdown.

How often will I get notifications?

You will receive these notifications in your email and/or your Slack App every four hours.

What do the notifications look like? 



The following data appears in Slack report notifications:

  • Account name and website

  • Who the account overlaps with

  • Your Account Owner's name

  • Account Owner Slack Username (if Slack Mentions are enabled)

  • A link to view the account and report in Crossbeam

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