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What is the Sales Edge Reply Only role?
What is the Sales Edge Reply Only role?

Understand what the Sales Edge Reply Only role is and how to take advantage of this role.

Written by Melissa Sarver
Updated over a week ago

What is the Reply Only Role?

The Reply Only role is the default user role for Sales Edge. Any time a user is created in Crossbeam Core, they will receive this role by default. When a user with this role accesses the Sales Edge app, they will have a limited experience within the Sales Edge application as shown below.

Users with the Reply Only role are able to receive messages within the app from their partner(s) that are using Sales Edge and reply to them. These users will also receive email notifications when messages are sent from their partner(s) using Sales Edge.

How do I access the Sales Edge app?

In the left side nav bar, you will see the Co-Sell icon. Simply click to enter the Sales Edge app.

To learn more, visit the Sales Edge help article.

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