Invite Team Members

Note: You must be an Admin in Crossbeam to invite teammates.

1. From your user avatar in the upper right corner, select "Team." 

2. Click "Invite Team Member" and enter your team member(s) email address(es) and select a user role to assign them to. They'll receive an email from Crossbeam inviting them to create their Crossbeam account.

Mobile-Friendly Team Invitations

Not by your laptop? Invite team members straight from your phone. Simply log in to Crossbeam from your mobile device and scroll past the QR code for inviting partners.

In the “Invite a Team Member” modal, click “Invite” and enter your teammate’s email address, select their role, and hit “Invite”. An invitation is automatically sent to the teammate via email.

Remove Team Members

From the Account Menu, select "Team." Next to the team member you want to remove, click "Remove User"

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to add a new user to your account!

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