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Crossbeam for Sales FAQs
Crossbeam for Sales FAQs

Answers to common questions about Crossbeam for Sales

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Crossbeam for Sales is the ultimate ally for GTM teams. With a powerful platform that leverages the collective strength of your partner ecosystem, you gain unparalleled access to shared data and insights, providing sellers with a goldmine of new opportunities that are 53% more likely to close. Give your sales team the tools they need to uncover new leads, accelerate deal cycles, and expand accounts with ease.

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Crossbeam for Sales is available on Connector Plan and Supernode plan.

Visit the Plan & Billing page to learn more about pricing.

What are the new Crossbeam for Sales seats?

Instead of selling multiple sales seats at different price points (Previously Co-Seller or Viewer) we will sell one Sales seat at one price point and admins can assign any of the 3 user roles:

  • Manager: configures Crossbeam for Sales, manages other user's access to Crossbeam for Sale

  • Standard: has full access to Crossbeam for Sales features, can make partner requests, and can access lists

  • Limited: has full access to Crossbeam for Sales features but can not make partner requests or access lists

What happened to the Reply Only role?

Starting April 23, 2024, we will no longer have the Reply Only role available. If you held a Reply Only role before April 23, 2024, these roles will be automatically be migrated to the Limited role and will still have access to Crossbeam with their Core seat.

What about Reply Only for the Explorer plan?

On April 23, 2024 (4/23/24) Reply Only seats on the Explorer plan will no longer have Crossbeam access. If customers have Core seats AND Reply Only seats, Crossbeam access will only be available via the Core seat. These users will not have access to Crossbeam for Sales.

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