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Configuring SAML SSO with Okta
Configuring SAML SSO with Okta

Improve user experience and increase security with SAML SSO.

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Make logging in simple and secure by integrating your identity provider (IdP) with Crossbeam.


SAML SSO is only available on the Supernode plan. Contact to upgrade your plan.

To set up SAML SSO in the Crossbeam platform click here for directions.

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Configuring SAML SSO with Okta


You must be an admin to add Crossbeam as a new Application.

First, go to your Applications tab on Okta.

On the Applications tab, click Add Application.

Then you'll click Create New App.

In the pop-up modal:

  • Platform is Web

  • Sign on method is SAML 2.0

Click Create.

General Settings

App Name: Crossbeam

App Logo:

Right click and "Save Image As..." on our logo below!

App Visibility: (recommended) leave both unchecked

Configure SAML

Single sign on URL

Fill in the Single sign on URL in Okta with the Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL from your SSO Settings page in Crossbeam.

Audience URI (SP Entity ID)

Fill in the Audience URI (SP Entity ID) in Okta with the Entity ID from your SSO Settings page in Crossbeam.

Default RelayState

Leave blank.

Name ID format

Select EmailAddress

Application username

Select Email

Update application username on

Select Create and update

It should look like this:

You need to configure Okta to map its user metadata into a format that Crossbeam expects.


You will need to follow the spelling and capitalization EXACTLY as listed for the three fields below.

Set up the following attributes:

  • first (using Okta's user.firstName)

  • last (using Okta's user.lastName)

  • email (using Okta's

Like so:

Click Next.


Are you a customer or partner?

Select: I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app

It should look like this:

The additional questions in the Feedback section are optional to complete.

Click Finish.

You should be taken to the Settings page on the Sign On page of your new app:

Click on View Setup Instructions in the settings box:

This will open a new tab with values you'll need to enter into Crossbeam:

  • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL

  • X.509 certificate

You must copy and paste these values into your account's SSO Settings and click Save Settings.

🎉 You're all set!

Logging in to Crossbeam with your Okta SSO

Head to your SSO Settings page and grab your Organization Crossbeam Log In URL, that will look something like this:

This is the unique URL you'll need to log in to your organization on Crossbeam via Okta's SSO.

Logging in to Crossbeam via Okta

You can also assign people or groups to the Crossbeam app in Okta so that they can log in via the Crossbeam chiclet in their Okta dashboard.

🎓 Sign in to Crossbeam Academy to further explore SAML SSO!

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