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SSO Exception User for OAuth Integrations with Crossbeam
SSO Exception User for OAuth Integrations with Crossbeam

Create an SSO Exception User (non SSO User) to authenticate integrations.

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When OAuth (Open Authentication) is required from external applications, you will need to establish an SSO Exception User with Crossbeam to complete the integration.


SSO Exception User is required for any OAuth integrations, including the Salesforce Copilot and Crossbeam for Sales.

Setting Up

In the Crossbeam settings, click on Organizational Settings. Scroll down the page to Login Options.

  • Temporarily enable the Don't Require SSO option and click Save Settings

  • Invite the user that will be authenticating the integration into Crossbeam with an Admin role.

  • Once the user receives their registration email from Crossbeam, they will register with a Username + Password or Google Sign In. After registering, the user will appear in the list of users on the Team Page. In the Login Method column, you should see "Standard" or "Google" instead of "SSO"

  • Return to the Organizational Settings page and select Require SSO. Be sure to click into the SSO Login Exception box and select the name of the Standard or Google login method user:

  • click Save Settings

  • In the first step of Crossbeam Setup in Salesforce, click Validate to log in in to your Crossbeam account. Be sure to use the credentials of the SSO Exception User.

✍️ Note

When authenticating/validating an integration, be sure to use the same login credentials listed on your team page (Username+ Password or Google Sign In).

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