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See an accurate and complete rollup of your partner program's impact on your bottom line and grab the metrics that matter to your business.


Consolidate your attribution activities into a single source of truth. Using this data, you can make more revenue-backed decisions on which partners to prioritize and get executive buy-in from your C-Suite and GTM teams.

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Set Up

To ensure you're syncing the right fields from your CRM, navigate to the Data Sources page. Choose the Co-Sell data preset and you're all set.

Screenshot in Crossbeam highlighting where to find the Co-Sell pre sets

Want to have more fine-grained control? This feature needs your opportunity deals, so we will need to sync the following fields to allow you to record Partner Attribution in Crossbeam:
dealname__value, dealstage_label, amount__value, pipeline_label, days_to_close__value, hs_is_closed_won__value, hs_date_entered_closedwon__value, hs_date_exited_closedwon__value, hs_is_closed__value, createdate__value.

Screenshot showing Attribution amount preview

✍️ Note

This will not share these fields with your partners. This step is simply syncing your selected data points to Crossbeam.

Attributing Partners

From the left-side Navigation Menu, click on the Attribute icon. This will open the Attribution workspace.

Screenshot highlighting the attribution icon and attribution workspace.

At the top of your Attribution workspace, you'll see your Closing Soon opportunities. Any opportunity that has a close date in the next 30 days will appear in this carousel.

Screenshot highlighting the closing soon opportunities

Below Closing Soon, you will find All Opportunities. These are inclusive of all the opportunities Crossbeam has synced. You can filter by Open, Closed, Date Range, and Amount Range to surface the opportunities you're looking for.

screenshoot highlighting filter options.

Adding a Partner to an Opportunity

To attribute a partner to an opportunity, you have two options. You can click the Add Attribution button from your Closing Soon opportunities. Or you can click on a row within the All Opportunities section.

Clicking into an opportunity will bring up a drawer that shows you information about, as well as links to the associated opportunity. If you have partners that overlapped with the opportunity, we automatically recommend them to you. If you do not see the partner you wish to attribute, you can search and add directly in the Select Partner bar.

Once you have the partners you wish to attribute, you can toggle between Sourced and Influenced for each partner.

Note that only one partner can be added as Sourced for any given opportunity, but multiple partners can be added as Influenced.

Gif showing how to add partner to opportunity

After you have added your partners to the Opportunity, select Save and your metrics automatically update in your Roll-Up Metrics.

Customizing Your Roll-Up Metrics

Above the list of All Opportunities you can see your Roll-Up Metrics. These provide an at-a-glance look into your partner program's performance. By default, you'll see Total Sourced, Total Influenced, and Total Unattributed (to Partners). Total Unattributed is calculated using your Potential Revenue configuration.

screenshot highlighting all opportunities

These can be customized in several ways to meet your reporting needs. For Example: If you need to report on your quarterly performance in a QBR, you can select the applicable dates in the Date Range field and your metrics will only reflect that time period.

You can also customize the stats that display in this menu by clicking the ⚙ Metrics button and selecting the metrics that are most useful to you:

Gif showing steps to customize metrics

Click Apply to save your changes to your Attribution workspace.


Q. I see an error message like this, and I am nervous about syncing in more data to Crossbeam:

screenshot of error message

A: Any new fields you sync to Crossbeam are yours only - this data is not shared with your partners. This data allows Crossbeam to accurately reflect the actual revenue impacts of your Partners.

Q. What happens if my Deal gets deleted (or changed) in Hubspot? But it already has an Attributed Partner in Crossbeam?

A: Attributed revenue from this Deal will no longer count towards your statistics or those partner(s).

Q. What happens if a Deal has an empty amount or close date?

A: Attributed revenue from Deals without amount or close date are excluded from the denominator when calculating Roll-Up Metrics.

Coming soon!

Activity Timeline

See all your partner activity happening on your Opportunities so you have irrefutable credit for your Partner's impact on that deal.

screenshot preview of activity timeline

If you would like to be the first to know when Crossbeam's Activity Timeline is live, reach out to your rep to stay in the loop.

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