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Crossbeam for Sales Attribution FAQs
Crossbeam for Sales Attribution FAQs

Questions about Crossbeam for Sales Attribution in Salesforce.

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Can the report include the attribution type (i.e. influenced, sourced, etc.)?

Yes. We send the attribution type, sourced or influenced, along with each opportunity.

Does the new attribution object come installed with the existing managed package, or do I need to install a second managed package for it?

It is a second managed package, so you can install it via the Integration Marketplace or from the tile in Crossbeam Core.

Are there pre-built reports included with this feature, or do I need to create a custom report?

This attribution feature comes with four standard report types:

  1. Crossbeam Attributions

  2. Crossbeam Attributions with Account

  3. Crossbeam Attributions with Opportunity

  4. Crossbeam Attributions with Partner

Similarly to opportunities that get pushed into Salesforce currently, does each attribution record connect to an account and an opportunity?

Yes. Each attribution is related to the account (i.e. the account you closed) and the partner account (if you include it during the setup of the integration). Crossbeam for Sales can pull in the opportunities from your CRM. When looking at your Request, a search field allows you to update which opportunity is associated with that Crossbeam for Sales Request, and this is pushed through to Salesforce.

When configuring the Attribution Push in Crossbeam Core settings, what does “Add a Partner ID from Salesforce” do?

If you input your Partner Account IDs here, your attributions will be linkable to the Partner in your Salesforce instead of by their text name only.

How often does my Attribution data get synced to my Salesforce?

Syncing happens 30 minutes after the initial setup and every 12 hours after that.

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