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Partnership Metrics
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The Attribute Workspace provides you with an overview of your partnership performance. You can see our other documents on Attribution if you have Salesforce connected, and HubSpot connected.
This document outlines how you leverage the Partnership performance insights from Crossbeam's Ecosystem Presence and Attribution Metrics.

Ecosystem Presence Metrics

Found on your Home page and the Attribute page is your partner network's performance on a rolling 12-month basis.

Have feedback on how you would like to further drill into metrics, let us know!

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Important - These metrics use the amount field you have configured on HubSpot Deals and Salesforce Opportunities.

These metrics are calculated over a trailing 12-month period for accounts in your customer Population:

  • Total Revenue: Sum of all closed-won opportunity amounts with and without partner-customer overlap

  • Win Rate: What is the rate at which you win opportunities with and without a partner-customer overlap

  • Opp Size: The average opportunity size with and without a partner-customer overlap

  • Time to Close: The average time to a closed-won deal, with and without a partner-customer overlap *Uses the create date of the opp/deal and the close date

Attribution Metrics

Below your Ecosystem Presence Metrics, you can see the summary metrics you've configured for the opportunities you have confirmed Attribution on.

screenshot of  attribution page

You can filter down and see your stats that reflect certain criteria:

  • Date Range: Set a range for the close dates you want to calculate metrics for

    • For example - set the date range to the last 6 months to see your total influenced/sourced revenue during that timeframe

  • Amount Range: Set an amount range you want the metrics filtered for

    • For example - see all your mid-market deals (opp size X to Y) and the total influence and sourced metrics

  • Open/Closed-Won: Toggle between all your open and closed opportunities, and see your metrics depending on the close status

    • For example - See the total influenced pipeline with "Open"

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