How to Navigate Crossbeam

How to access everything Crossbeam has to offer.

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Navigation Menu

The left-side Navigation menu includes actions you can take within Crossbeam to manage partnerships and data sharing. When you select an icon, it will open an expanded menu with relevant features to select, and your workspace will reflect the selected feature.

screenshot in Crossbeam of partner icon

Home Icon

On the Crossbeam Homepage, you will find an overview of your partner ecosystem.

screenshot in Crossbeam of homepage

Always located at the top of workspace is the Search Bar. You can use this to find your partners or search new partners and send invites directly from the Search Bar.

Next to the Search Bar is your Avatar. Click on this helpful tool to access Crossbeam resource links including:

  • Profile and Preferences

  • Crossbeam Academy

  • Help Center

Scroll down the page to explore information on Data Share Requests, Top Overlaps, and Overlap Activity.

✍️ Note

If you are not seeing a certain section of the page - don't fret! This just means you do not have data yet. The Homepage will dynamically update and show partnership ecosystem data as your partnerships advance.

Activity Icon

Click on the Activity icon to see the latest activity in your account. Take action on data processing events and Data Sharing requests.

screenshot activity area in crossbeam

Partners Icon

View existing Partnerships and Partnership Requests by clicking on the Partners icon. This workspace provides a general view of Overlaps (click See overlaps to access the Report), Populations Shared (click See shared with you to access more information), Potential Revenue, Tags, and date the partnership was established. Additionally, this area provides a search bar to find a specific Partner in the table, filter on the list of Partners, and a button to Invite Partners.

Within the table, click on any of the Partner icons to open the details of the partnership to explore:

  • Partnership Account Mapping Matrix

  • Potential Revenue

  • Top Overlaps

  • Population Breakdowns

  • Threads

  • Shared with you Populations

  • Sharing Settings

Mapping Icon

The Account Mapping area allows you to create and save an analysis of your Partner overlaps. At a glance, you can see the Report Name, Partner in Report, Report Type, Edits, Owner, and Notifications. Duplicate, Export, or Delete Reports by clicking on the three dots at the end of each row. Click within the row of the Report to view the full Report.

Here you can also:

  • Organize and create Folders for your Reports

  • Use the search bar to locate specific Reports

  • Create new Reports

screenshot in Crossbeam of mapping icon

Collab Icon

Collaborate with your partners on a specific account with Threads. Threads allow you to work directly with a Partner in Crossbeam on specific accounts.

screenshot in Crossbeam of Collab icon

Co-Sell Icon

When you select the Co-Sell icon, you will be automatically taken to your Sales Edge account.

screenshot in Crossbeam co sell icon

Attribute Icon

Click on Attribute icon to see an overview of your partnership performance.

Data Icon

Data & Sharing can be located under the Data icon. From the expanded side panel, click on Data Sources, Populations, or Integrations to configure these features.

screenshot in Crossbeam of data icon


Access the Settings icon to update Organization Settings, change your Team Roles, review your Plan & Billing settings, explore Overlaps, and adjust your Profile & Preferences.

screenshot in Crossbeam of Settings


Some features are limited by your Crossbeam subscription. Visit your billing page here to explore subscription options and to upgrade your account.

🎓 Sign in to Crossbeam Academy to learn more!

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