Your partnership team's command center.

With insights into activities like "Data Share Requests, Partnership Requests, and Suggested Partners" the dashboard organizes the things you care about in one, happenin' place.

If you are not seeing a certain section of the page - don't fret! This just means you do not have data to show (yet). The dashboard will dynamically update and show partnership ecosystem data in real-time as your partnerships advance through maturity stages.


The top menu includes actions you can take within Crossbeam to manage partnerships and data sharing:


View suggested partners, existing partnerships, and drill down into overlap summaries. From the Partners page, you can also Request Data, Share Your Data, and Invite Partners. When you click into a specific partner, you can see the sharing rules that are in place:


Select populations that you and your partners have already created to compare data in a Report. Crossbeam will return results detailing the overlaps in your populations for you to analyze and export, or push to Salesforce. Get alerts on new Report overlaps via Slack or email.


Collaborate with your partners on a specific Account with Threads. Work directly in Crossbeam after you uncover an actionable overlap.


Discover more about notifications here.

Pop out menu

Navigate to the menu in the upper right corner to access: 

This is also where you can access Crossbeam's documentation and contact support.

Use universal search at the top of the page to search for existing and suggested partners, populations, and records. Typeahead results will populate with all matching results. 

Tip: use shortcut cmd+/ to access universal search without clicking.

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