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Connecting your Data Source

1. Navigate to "Data Sources" in the User Menu.

2. Scroll to the "Salesforce" integration and click to connect.

3. Authorize Access to Salesforce Data.

To initiate your Salesforce connection, you’ll be asked to authorize the integration within Salesforce. Any Salesforce user with API permissions can set up the initial Oauth. Ensure your Salesforce org has both the API enabled and "View Setup and Configuration" system permissions enabled.

You'll then see a message that says "Configuring", followed by a "Success" message

You’re all set! Your connection will say "Setting up..." as the sync is happening. It can take up to an hour to fully sync, depending on the amount of data in your Salesforce instance.

After the sync is complete, you'll now see Salesforce listed as an "Active" on your data sources page.

Pausing Setup

If at any point you want to pause your sync, or update the frequency, you can do that on the Settings page:

Salesforce Fields

When you integrate Salesforce with Crossbeam, you can add or remove any fields that you’d like through the Salesforce Settings page.

These are the most common fields used:



  • Amount

  • Close Date

  • Open Date

  • Sales Stage


  • Id

  • Contact Email

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Phone

  • Contact Title

  • Contact Created At


  • Id

  • Account Name

  • Account Website

  • Account Type

  • Account Created At


  • Account Executive Name

  • Account Executive Phone

  • Account Executive Email

Sync Multiple User Lookup Fields

To include data about your CSMs, sales engineers, SDRs, and more across your reports, filters, and populations in Crossbeam, you'll need to sync multiple user lookup fields from Salesforce.

Follow the steps below or watch this video to get started:

  1. Open your Salesforce Settings on your Data Sources page.

  2. Click All Fields and scroll to the User object. Select Account Executive Name, Account Executive Phone and Account Executive Email from the User object.

    🔔 Note: The Account Executive fields must be selected in order to sync additional lookup fields and contact details for your CSMs, sales engineers, SDRs, and more. For example, if you want to pull in CSM Email, the Account Executive Email must be selected.

  3. Then, scroll to the Account table. You can scroll to select additional user fields like CSM, SDR, sales engineer and more ( fields will be listed in alphabetical order). You can also use the search bar in the settings modal.

  4. Include these User Lookup Fields throughout Crossbeam in your reports, the Individual Record Page, populations, filters, etc.


  • Required Permissions for User Authenticating Salesforce Connection:
    API Permissions
    View Setup & Configuration
    Read Access to Standard Objects: Account, Opportunity, Contact, Lead, User

  • What type of API does Crossbeam use to pull in Salesforce Data? Bulk API. Instead of the REST API, we use a mechanism called the Bulk API to sync data from Salesforce to Crossbeam. These are subject to different quotas than the standard Salesforce REST API.

  • For each bulk API, how many records does Crossbeam sync? By default, we sync 10,000 records at a time.

  • We have concerns around the number of API calls. How does Crossbeam refresh updates from Salesforce? Does Crossbeam refresh every record or only recently updated records? We will only pull records whose SystemModStamp changes after the initial sync. At the time of the initial sync, we pull everything from Salesforce. Upon completion of that initial sync, we “bookmark” the last time we synced. Subsequent syncs then pull records from Salesforce after that bookmark.

    For example:

    1) You connect Salesforce to Crossbeam
    2) Our Salesforce sync feed for then pulls all records and sets a bookmark of say “July 11, 2022 6:00 am”, the date the time the initial sync was completed
    3) On the next run (i.e. the frequency you selected when you connected Salesforce), our sync asks for records that have a SystemModStamp greater than July 11, 2022
    4) This process repeats continuously

  • Can we control what data from Salesforce is synced to Crossbeam? We can only access the data that the authorized user who is connecting Salesforce to Crossbeam has access to. If the authorized user has more limited permissions (ie. only access to to a certain subset of accounts/data), then that would be the only data that would be pulled into Crossbeam.

  • Why am I not not able to select User types? You must first select the Account Owner User type. Once that role is selected, you will now able to select multiple User types and their contact details.

  • When this feature is turned on, will I see the lookup fields immediately? The feed needs to sync again to see the Lookup Fields. The sync timing depends on your sync schedule as you can select anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours in your Salesforce settings.

Managing your Salesforce Connection

Once Salesforce is connected, find out how to manage your connection

If you run into any issues, find out how to troubleshoot your connection.

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