You can manage your Salesforce connection(s) by clicking "Settings" on the Salesforce row of the data sources table on the data sources page.

(Have more than one Salesforce Org? Click here to learn how you can get visibility into all of your ecosystem opportunities with multiple Salesforce org support in Crossbeam.)

The modal gives you visibility and control over your integration. Namely, you can:

  1. Reauthorize your connection

  2. Pause data syncing

  3. View connection status

  4. Update frequency of data syncing

  5. Manage which fields to sync

More on each of those below...

1. Reauthorize your connection

Click "Click here to reauthorize" to authenticate the Salesforce integration with a different username and password. 

You may need to do this if the user you authenticated with loses access to Salesforce or doesn't have the required permissions for Crossbeam to pull data.

2. Pause Data Syncing

Click the toggle to the right of "Sync Data from Salesforce" to pause your Salesforce integration. 

When the toggle is green and it says "Active" next to "Connection Status", your connection is active. 

When the toggle is grey and it says "Not Syncing" next to "Connection Status", your connection is paused. 

You will not be able to modify fields that you want synced while the integration is paused. Make the integration active to edit the field to sync again. 

Settings modal for a paused Salesforce integration: 

Data sources table on the integration page when a Salesforce integration is paused: 

3. View connection status

The connection status appears within the Settings modal and also on the table of integrations on the integrations page. The available statuses are:

  • Active

  • Not Syncing

  • Error

Active: the integration is active and will sync according to your sync frequency.
Not Syncing: the integration is paused and will not sync data until it is made active.
Error: the integration hit an error which will be displayed to you in the modal and on the data sources table on the integrations page if we have details on the error.

If you don't see an error message, please reach out to us through chat or at

4. Update frequency of data syncing

You can adjust the frequency at which we sync data from Salesforce by selecting a value in the dropdown to the right of "Update Frequency". The default is every 6 hours, while all available options are:

  • 30 minutes

  • 1 hour

  • 6 hours

  • 12 hours

  • 24 hours

If you have concerns about hitting your API quota limit in Salesforce, try reducing the frequency of syncs to reduce the number of API calls we make to Salesforce daily.

Note: we will stop syncing your Salesforce data if we see that you are at 80% of your API quota limit. This is so we don't push you over your daily API quota. You will receive an email notification and see an error on your data source in Crossbeam if this happens. If you'd like to adjust this value to something higher (or lower), please reach out to us at

5. Manage which fields to sync

By default, we pull in a set of fields from Salesforce for you to use when filtering, either on the Reports page or when creating and editing populations. You can find the list of those fields at the bottom of this article

You will need to manually add any additional fields you would like to use for filtering.

Our required (initial set of) fields are greyed out and unable to be removed.

Add new fields by clicking "All Fields" and either scrolling to your field or by searching for the field in the search bar. Check the box next to the field name to include the field in future syncs. 

It will take a few minutes for us to fully sync data into Crossbeam for your new field(s). Before that, you will receive an error and/or unexpected results if you try and use the field to filter. 

What does it mean if it says “Not Supported” next to the field I want to select?

Typically, the reason you are unable to pull in a field is because the user who initially authorized the Salesforce connection no longer has access to that field. To resolve this issue you can either:

  1. Give that user the correct permissions

  2. Have someone with the correct permissions reauthorize the Salesforce connection (see article below)

There are also some fields that Crossbeam doesn’t support:

  • "base64"

  • "byte"

  • "anyType"

  • "calculated"

  • "Address"

  • "json"

  • "complexvalue"

  • "formula"

  • "roll-up"

Supported Field Types:






"lookups (reference)"

"multi-select picklists"

"combo boxes"

"encrypted strings"


"master records"

"text areas"


"dates and date/times"


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