Partners and Partnerships in Crossbeam

​Crossbeam is all about partnerships, but what does it mean to be partners in the platform?

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Crossbeam is a network of companies. The way in which companies become connected in that network is by becoming "partners" with each other.

Much like connections on LinkedIn or friends on Facebook, partnerships are bi-directional and require both parties to opt in via an invitation/acceptance system. Either party can also revoke the partnership at any time.

The goal of becoming partners is to collaborate around your data. What, if any, data is shared and how that data is used is something you manage on a partner-by-partner basis. But it all starts with inviting partners and accepting partnerships. 

When you establish a partnership in Crossbeam, you have complete control over how much data you want to share with your partner.

Data Sharing capabilities are unlocked

There is a lot to learn about Data Sharing in Crossbeam, but it all comes down to the fact that Crossbeam's approach to data sharing is all about trust, transparency, and control. We give you granular control over what data you share with multiple levels of customizations and overrides available to you.

We also make it super simple to share what you want across multiple partners easily, so sharing isn't a burden to maintain across your partner ecosystem.

Users of Crossbeam within your Organization are Visible to Your Partner

This unlocks the ability to assign owners on Threads when collaborating on a specific account or lead with a partner. 

Watch this video to better understand partnerships on Crossbeam!

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