Deleting a Partnership

How to remove a partnership in Crossbeam, plus some techniques for reducing the scope of a partnership as a less severe measure.

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To completely remove a partnership from your Crossbeam account, contact

In most cases, however, an easier way to manage the scope of a partner relationship is by using the controls available to you in Crossbeam. Here are some ways to scale down the breadth of your partnership in Crossbeam:

  • Narrow your data sharing rules. Because you can choose which fields to share when your populations overlap, you can edit your data sharing rules to reveal less information if your partnership dynamics have changed. 

  • Delete data sharing rules. You can also delete data sharing rules outright, eliminating your partner's access to any raw data whatsoever but retaining the ability to see high-level overlap counts.

  • Reduce population visibility. Using Crossbeam's population visibility feature, you can opt to hide some or all of your populations entirely from your partner. This will make it as though these populations do not exist, and the partner will be unable to see their names or any summary overlap statistics. 

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