Now that you know how to send an invitation in Crossbeam, it's important to know the process for responding to an invitation someone else has sent to you.

When you receive an invitation from a potential partner, the invite will appear both in your email inbox and in the Crossbeam platform on the Partners page. You can always see any pending invitations as a bold blue bar at the top of the Partners page.

You can click "Ignore" if you wish to dismiss the invite without accepting it. If it's an invitation you'd like to accept, simply click the "Accept Invite." 

As soon as you click, the invitation will be accepted and your partnership will be live. However, you still have to complete one important step in order to make the partnership useful: confirming population visibility

A window will appear asking you to confirm which populations you wish to include in your partnership with this new partner. Note that this does not result in raw data being shared, it is simply an opportunity to hide the names and overlap counts of any populations that might be unnecessary or inappropriate to include. 

Then, simply click Done and your new partnership is live!

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