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Manage Profile & Preferences
Manage Profile & Preferences

Reset your password, edit profile info, and manage notification preferences.

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Find Profile and Preferences

Prefer a quick video? Click the link below or keep reading to learn more.

There are two locations in Crossbeam to access the Profile & Preferences workspace:

  1. Click on the Avatar in the upper right corner, select Profile and Preferences from the dropdown options

  2. Click on Settings from the menu, select Profile & Preferences from the side panel

Now you will see the Profile & Preferences workspace.

Screenshot of profile and preferences workspace

Edit Profile Information

Click the Edit Profile Information button under the user profile name.

screenshot in crossbeam of edit profile information button

In the modal, you will see one of the two options below:

  • If you log in with SSO (i.e. Google login) your Edit Profile Information will display the following:

screenshot of edit profile info in crossbeam

  • If you log in by entering your email and password, your Edit Profile Information will display the following:

screenshot of edit profile info in Crossbeam

Complete the fields and click Save when done.

โœ๏ธ Note

Changing the Avatar image can only be done if you do not log in with SSO. SSO will automatically use the image attached to the SSO account in your Crossbeam account.

Reset Your Password

In this section, click Reset Password, and an email with reset instructions will be sent to you.

screenshot of how to reset password in crossbeam

Manage Notifications

In the Notifications section, you will see multiple categories with the option to enable all email and in-app notifications, or you can customize individual notification options.

gif in crossbeam of the notifications enable or disable section

Click Save Changes when you are finished.

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