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How to Edit a Population

Modify your existing populations

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On the left side navigation menu click on the Data icon. This will expand the Data and Sharing menu options. Select Populations and you will open the Populations area. There are several ways to edit.

  • Find the population you would like to edit, click on the Population name, and click on the Edit button. This will open the Population data.

  • Or from the main Population area, locate the Population row and click the Edit button on the far right. This will open the Population data.

screenshot highlighting Edit button for population

From here, you can edit and adjust your filters.

Click Save Population to save any changes.

Quick Editing

Within the main Populations area, you can also click ... from the Populations area next to the Population you want to edit to adjust Population settings.

From here, you can:Β 

  • Change your sharing defaults

  • Duplicate Populations

  • Convert to Custom

  • Delete the Population

  • Export

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