Exploring your Report

Reports are broken out into two sections, Top Overlaps and Overlap Activity.

Top Overlaps

Note: If you use filters on your data, the Top Overlaps chart will not appear.

In the Top Overlaps chart, you see a stack ranking of the largest overlaps that exist in the data you selected. The graph will show you up to 10 overlaps. For each line in the result, the name of your population appears to the left of the name of the partner and their population. The total size of the overlap is shown on the right end of the bar.

There is also a button on the top-right of the graph that allows you to toggle between a numeric (#) and percentage (%) view. In the percentage view, each number is presented as a percentage of your population's size. Note that switching to percentage view will not reorder the chart by the largest percentages.

Overlap Activity

Note: If none of the partners you selected in the report have shared data with you, no Overlap Activity will appear.

This next section of the results contains the actual companies and people that were found in the overlap between the populations you selected. For each row, The following results are shown:

  • Name. This is the Name of the company (or ID of the person) as it appears in your population.
  • Overlaps. This is a count of how many partner populations this record overlapped with in the report.
  • Matched. This is a measurement of how recently the most recent overlap occurred. By default, the results are sorted to show the most recent overlaps first.
  • Populations. This is a list of all the partner populations from the report that overlap with that record.

Note that you can also sort your results by the other columns, such as Name and Overlaps. Simply click on the header to choose which column to sort by, and click again to toggle between ascending and descending sorts. 

To view more details on any record in the result, including any data that was shared by your partners, simply click on the name of that record to be taken to its record detail page. 

You can browse through multiple pages of results using the page numbers and arrow buttons that appear at the top and bottom of this result set. You can export the Overlap Activity results of any report by clicking the Export button. More on exports here.

Watch this video for more insight into viewing your reports!

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