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Account Mapping Matrix
Account Mapping Matrix

Learn how to use the Account Mapping Matrix in Crossbeam

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The Account Mapping Matrix is a visual summary of overlapping accounts and potential revenue.

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Account Mapping Matrix Basics

To locate the Account Mapping Matrix, click the Partners page and click on a partner icon or name to open the Partner Details page.

Your company is represented on the left side column along with your populations.

Crossbeam Account Mapping Matrix screenshot highlighting your company column

Across the top of the matrix is the name of the partner along with their populations.

Crossbeam Account Mapping Matrix highlighting partner population row


The blue boxes indicate the amount of shared data Overlaps between your populations and your partner's populations. They are clickable to generate a report of matching accounts.

The yellow Overlap Counts boxes indicate data has not been shared for those populations, and you are limited to only seeing the numbers, not account names.

How to Use the Account Mapping Matrix

By clicking on a blue box you can being to explore where the data between the you and your partner intersect via a pre-generated Crossbeam report.

In the below example, we can see 14 of Crowdblossom's Open Opportunities overlap with Bozala's Customers. After clicking on the intersecting box, we open a report with detailed information on the overlapping data.

This is a starting point for you. You can then edit with filters, add more columns, save, or export the report.

Potential Revenue


All Crossbeam users will be able to see the aggregate of Potential Revenue if they are syncing 'opportunity stage' and 'amount' from a CRM data source. Connector and Supernode customers will be able to see a more granular breakdown in the matrix.

Toggle to Potential Revenue for a breakdown. For a deep dive in Potential Revenue, check out the Potential Revenue help article.

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